Privacy Policy

1. General part

1.1 All services from the on-line store ( in further notice as "store"), are in line with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2) and based on international codex along with recommendations from GZS, is performed by Marijan Kalister s.p, Dolenje pri Jelšanah 2a, 6254 Jelšane, Slovenia ( in further notice as "provider")

1.2 The Client or. buyer or user in further notice means: personal buyer, self employed store owner, company or a organization that  the provider, provides a service to.

1.3 Terms and Conditions apply to all services that the provider is offering and deal with all the users rights, operation of, and all the legal or business relations between provider and buyer, in all operating conditions.

1.4 A buyer, that wants to make a purchase at or get a right to do so must register. The user name is the same as his e-mail address. The user name and password, that the visitor gets  via a e-mail confirmation letter unambiguously define and bind the user with the entered data. The user can change his password independently, for any change of user name or a e-mail address change, must be done via a request message to the user will be informed via e-mail when the change is done.

2. Obligation of the provider and the client

2.1 The provider dose not guarantee accuracy of data ( pictures and text) on the web store, as due to the nature of business over the world wide web the offers change quickly and often. For eventual mistakes in description of goods in the web store dose not take responsibility 

2.2 The provider commits, that the services will be done with the best quality possibile and in the agreed time frame.

2.3 The provider commits that he will always provide the buyer with:

- Identity of the company ( Name and registered address and the registration number)

- Contact information for a fast and efficient communication ( e-mail, telephone...)

- Key facts of the goods or services

- Access to good and services that are offered

- Terms of delivery of goods or execution of services ( place, way and time of delivery)

- All prices must be clearly and unequivocally listed, it has to be evident if the rate includes VAT and cost of shipping

- Method of payment and delivery

- Time validity of the offer

- Time frame, in which is still possible to withdraw from the contract and terms for the withdraw ( including, if there is any cost involved in the        withdraw from the contract)

- explanation of the procedure on appeal ( along with all the contact information for the person in charge for customer service )

2.4 Entry of personal data at registration and later on at purchase at the web store is exclusively used for proper execution of our services. The provider will never forward, leas, sell or in any other was trade with your personal information. In addition your personal information will never be used in a way you do not support or not agree with.

2.5 Orders accepted before noon 12.00 will be addressed as orders accepted that day, and the delivery date starts counting from that day. Agreed delivery dates can change in case of force major, like natural disasters, longer electrical or internet connections cut outs

3. Changes in terms and conditions

3.1 Marijan Kalister s.p holds all the rights to change therms and conditions with out further notice. Changes come into effect at the moment they are published on the web store.

3.2 With using the services and registering at, you agree, that you are fully aware and agree to the all above listed terms and conditions

4. Offered articles and services

4.1 due to the nature of business over the world wide web frequently and quickly changes its offerings. The provider dose not take any responsibility, direct or indirect, compensation or any other responsibility for the accuracy of information given on the web store

5. Ordering and purchase procedure 

5.1 in the web store goods are sold only online. If the buyer wants to buy goods with the online web store prices and pick up the goods in person in the EMI Design store, it has to be remarked at the time of purchase at as personal pick up, in other case the items are sold by the prices that are fixed for the physical store EMI Design. Sent orders are considered as final.  In case of wrong order or cancellation of order, the buyer can correct or cancel his order only until he gets a e-mail message "order confirmed". Once buyer gets a e-mail message "order confirmed" cancellation of order is no possible. Company Marijan Kalister s.p. in case where it sees that under terms and conditions can not process the order, hold all the rights to decline the order and return the buyers funds. The buyer can decline or cancel the order only before receiving the a e-mail message "order confirmed".

5.2 procedure for ordering

after submitting the order the buyer gets a e-mail message about that the order is confirmed - "order confirmed". More information about the status of the order can be found on the providers web store.

Provider checks the order ( checks the delivery date and possibility of availability of the goods) and finally confirms or declines the order ( states why the order was declined) with - order confirmed message. In some cases the provider can contact the buyer via phone call on the contact number the buyer left in the registration or order form to check delivery address, time of delivery ect.). For the goods that the provider dose not have on stock in his own storage, is said exclusively bound to the delivery terms and times of the providers supplier, and in which the supplier can deliver the goods to the provider, and the provider updates the buyer on the latest delivery dates. If the delivery time is to long and the buyer dose not want to wait, he can contact the provider to state to take that item out of the order and the provider returns the funds (if payed in advanced), and the other items in the order can be shipped to buyer or on the buyers request the whole order can be canceled. if the supplier announced to the provider that the delivery of the goods is three months or more the supplier cancel the order to buyer in regards that the goods are not available. With the day of order rejection the buyers order is canceled. The provider dose not take any responsibility for any damages that may have occurred due to long delivery dates or the goods not available, that the provider dose not have in own storage.

5.3 when the provider prepares the goods and ships them out, informs the buyer about it via e-mail message "order sent". The sent message also includes the return policy and info about to who can the buyer turn if any delays in delivery dates or in case of complaints (

6. Prices

6.1 All prices in the web store include VAT, unless if that is stated different. Prices in the web store are valid only for orders made via the web store and for orders that are payed on collect by cash only. The online prices are only valid for registered users, for unregistered users the prices are charged by the price sheet in the EMI Design store.

6.2 Prices are valid at the time of order submission and don't have predetermined value. Prices are valid only when payed in above mentioned methods and in above mentioned terms and conditions

Despite continued efforts, to provide the most up to date and accurate it could happen that the information about the price is wrong of in case that the price changes during the processing of the order. In that case the provider will allow the buyer to cancel the order and offer a solution that is beneficial to both parties. 

Contract of sale between the buyer and provider is made at the moment when the provider confirms the buyers order, when the buyer receives a e-mail message "order confirmed". From that moment on all prices and other terms are fixed both for the provider as for the buyer. Discounts and Promotional codes do not add up.

7.Withdrawal and Returns

7.1 The buyer has the right that within 15 days of receiving the goods ( or. signing a contract or after a finished service) to withdraw from the offer. He has to notice the provider in written over post or via e-mail on There is no need for the buyer to state the reason of the return. The return period starts counting the next day after receiving of the goods. The only expense the buyer has with the withdraw from the offer is the cost of the return shipment of the goods. the goods must be returned to the provider latest in 30 days from the submission of the withdraw of offer, and the provider must refund the buyer in the cost of the returned item. For keeping track of when the funds were returned to the buyer, the refund can be only payed to the buyers bank account. There is NO cash refunds!

If the buyers has already started to use the item, or with any technical items, he already opens or assessable them, withdraw from the offer is no longer possible.

The returned goods must be returned undamaged and in unchanged amount, only in cases where the goods were damaged, lost, broken or its amount changed and it was not the fault of the buyer. original packaging is a essential part of the item and is prescribed by the manufacturer ( in line with 36. Article Consumer Protection Act) there for it is essential that it is returned in a eventual return of the goods, and it must be in its original condition, so not damaged and in not changed quantity.

7.2 In case of returns a easy procedure of item return i essential and provides a pleasant experience when shopping on line. If the buyers is not happy with the goods, he has to inform the provider about it in 15 days from receiving the item. The item must be returned to the provider in 30 days from the buyers withdraw submission sent to The goods must be returned to the company address, that is stated bellow. 

We do not accept return shipments with charge on collect basis!

The items must be returned in original packaging with the deceleration and they must not be damaged, dirty or visually in used condition. The original invoice and all the documentation must be present with the return shipment. The charge of return shipment is on the buyers behalf.

If all above criteria are achieved we will refund you the money in 15 days in the value of the returned item or by request exchange it for a different item. Postage cost are not subject to refund and are not returned to buyer. After the 15 day from accepting the items is over the 15 day return period is over and return of items is no longer accepted.

8. Security, security of your personal data and communications

8.1 The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational resources for protection of transmission and saving of personal data and payments. The provider in that regards uses a 256-bit SSL certificate issued by a authorized organization. In charge for safe authorization and credit card transactions are Kalister Marijan s.p and Paypal. Authorization of credit cards are done in real time with immediate checking of data with the bank. Credit card numbers or any other information about payments made on line are not saved.

The provider bounds for long term protection of your personal information, the data you will submit at registration and at ordering the goods.

The provider for a indefinitely time saves IP addresses from all of the visitors on the web shop With registered members the providers saves: Name and surname, e-mail address, Contact phone number, Primary address and shipping address, country of living and time and date of registry 

The provider uses that data exclusively for executing orders ( sending informational material, offers, invoices) and all other needs for communication with the buyer.

The buyers data will not be given in any regards to unauthorized personnel. For safe keeping of personal data is also on the buyers side, to keep his user name and password sage and to use proper antivirus software on his PC. 

8.2 Provider will get into contact with the buyer via remote communication resources only, if the buyer dost no allow that.

- Promotional email messages will contain:

 - clearly presented message from provider

 - the messages will be clearly  marked as promotional material

 - various promotions, sales and other sales offerings will be clearly marked as such. Also participation in those will be clearly marked

 - un subscription from the promotional material will be clearly marked

 - we will fully respect the buyers wish not to receive promotional material 

8.3 Buyers comments and product ratings that the buyers write and give are a part of a functional store. They are meant for the buyer community. Comments can be written by any registered user of, provider holds the right to delete or reject any insulting, inappropriate or useless comments posted on the web store. With the posting of a comment the user fully agrees to the terms and conditions and allows the provider to publish a part or the whole text in the comment in all electronic or other media.Provider has the right to use the text for a unlimited time period and in any manner that is in the commercial interest of the provider, including publishing in adds and other marketing communications. The author of the comment also along with the post agrees that he is owner of the material and moral author rights for the written comment and that he transfers those rights nonexclusive and with no time limit to the provider.

9. Warranty and service 

The warranty period begins with the day of pick up or delivery of the ordered goods. Warranty is provided by the manufacturer or the importer, who is responsible for the warranty terms. 

The warranty of an item is stated on the attached warranty note. The warranty is not valid for consumables that are subject to constant use or ware ( like tapes, toners, batteries, ect....) Items that brake in the warranty period, will be repaired, or replaced latest with in 45 days, in regards that this is not possible, the item is replaced by a new one on the buyers request.

Items that are delivered for repairs after the warranty period has expired, will be repaired after agreement with the buyer or will be sent for repairs to the official dealer in shortest time period. With that the buyer takes over all the expenses involved in the repairs ( work, material, delivery, ect...) Repair work and material is charged by the valid price rate of EMIDesign or official service. In the case of switch of goods the switch is made only after the payment of the goods. The buyer can pick up his goods only after payment of all charges involved.

The warranty period of each item is listed in the detailed description. General warranty for all items is 1 year, unless for items that is stated differently. Warranty is not valid for consumables. The warranty can be applied with the original invoice or a copy of the warranty notice. You can return the broken goods to the providers store or send direct to the official service. The warranty is voided in case of miss use, mechanical damage, service done by non-authorized personnel... If there is no info about warranty the item has no warranty or there is no data about the item having warranty. In that case the buyer can contact the provider, who will provide the accurate information.

10. Payment methods

10.1 With the submitted order in web store the buyer is bound, to pay the invoice in the selected manner 

- payment in advance with payment on company bank account based on sent invoice or quotation

- payment on  deliver / collect basis cash only

- Payment via Paypal *

* in case of Paypal payment price is 3.5% higher.

10.2 The provider issues a invoice to the buyer on a durable medium, with listed costs, and instructions on how to withdraw from the offer in how to return the item, if that is needed or possible. The buyer is responsible for checking the correctness of the data on the invoice and on possible errors report to the provider in 8 days of receipt. Later we do not accept objections about wrong invoices. Contract of sale ( buyers order) is in electronic form saved on the providers server and is accessible to the buyer at any time in his user profile ( My profile)

11. Delivery

11.1 Provider will deliver the goods or services in the agreed term. Service provider for package delivery's is Posta Slovenije, but the provider holds the right to use a different delivery service with out notice. In case of accepting goods over a delivery service, please be sure to sign the accompanying documentation.

If you choose to pay at delivery ( only for delivery to Slovenia) the buyer must pay all the cost of delivered goods and the delivery charges to the delivery company. And the buyer is also responsible to visually inspect the goods for any damages on the packaging and the item it self upon the delivery of the goods.

With your purchase at the web store and selecting a delivery method the buyer agrees that we give your phone number that was givenat the timer of order to the delivery company to make the communication with the buyer and delivery company easier.

All possible disputes will be handled by the court in Ilirska Bistrica


The commission cost with payment at collection, that Post of Slovenia charges are not included in the price of the item and the buyer pays the cost directly to the Post of Slovenia direct at delivery. The commission cost is 0,96 EUR ( if value of goods is less then 96 EUR) or 1% of the value of the goods is between 96,00 EUR and 300,00 EUR. More details of the commission fees you can find on the Post of Slovenia web site.